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Soccer On-Field Resistance Band Training Plan

Bend FC Timbers Soccer High School On-Field Resistance Band Training Plan

Kyle Merriam, DPT and Peter Schrey, DPT

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Core: (7 rounds of 30 seconds)

  • Dying bugs (band around knees)
  • Sideplank clamshells (band around Knees)
  • Double leg lift w/ low back feedback or flutters/abd w/ band around ankles or knees
  • Quadruped hydrant w/ band around knees (option for bear crawl position)
  • Banded plank lateral hand walks (band around wrists)

Balance: (7 rounds of 30 seconds)

  • Single leg hydrant (band around knees)
  • Banded SL quick stabs in both planes (band around ankles)
  • SL RDL w/ band around ankles or knees
  • Jump lunges focus on knee and ankle alignment

Strength: (6 rounds of 30 seconds)

  • Monster walks w/ (knees, ankles, or feet for ankle support)
  • lateral band walks w/ (knees, ankles, or feet for ankle support)
  • Banded squat jumps (band around knees)
  • Pulsed lunges (band around knees)
  • Prone hamstring curls

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