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Workers’ Compensation Physical Therapy

Focus is the leader in delivering one-on-one care for workplace injuries in Central Oregon. 

Injured on the job? Get the fast, responsive and effective help you need from Central Oregon’s trusted Workers’ Compensation Rehabilitation expert. 

Returning to work quickly and safely after a work injury is important. Down time means lost wages and lost productivity. When athletes are injured, the team responds quickly to get them back into the game.  We consider Injured workers to be “Industrial Athletes” and need to be rehabilitated after injuries with the same level of commitment and focus.

If you’ve been injured on the job, our expert Physical therapists can help you return to work safely with advanced treatments and one-on-one care.


“I tore my rotator cuff loading boxes while working as a truck driver. I thought my days behind the wheel were over. However, thanks to working with Brock in physical therapy, I’ve made an amazing recovery. He helped me through rotator cuff repair and an extensive rehabilitation process.  Brock understood the demands of my physical job with driving and unloading trucks.  I’m now back on the road, loading and unloading heavy boxes with confidence, pain-free. I’m even back to playing pick up games of basketball.  I can’t thank the skilled therapy and Brock’s expertise, helping me return to a job I love.”


“After a slip and fall at work left me with a painful neck and shoulder injury, I was unsure if I’d ever regain my normal life. However, the team at Focus Physical Therapy provided the essential care and support I needed to make a full recovery. Through their expert guidance and a personalized physical therapy program, I can proudly say that I’m now back on the pickleball court and performing my job without pain or limitations! The Focus PT team  has been instrumental in restoring my quality of life, and I’m incredibly grateful for their dedication and expertise.”


What We Treat

  • Low back pain from lifting
  • Wrist, hand, elbow and shoulder from repetitive movements
  • Foot, ankle, knee and hip from sustained standing, walking and bending
  • Many more on the job and work-related injuries

Why Choose Us?

Every injury is different: one on one care allows for a custom plan for your unique needs, goals and job. 

Your therapist is an expert in treating the Industrial Athlete: Brock Monger  DPT, ATC has sports medicine expertise, doctoral level training, strength and conditioning principles and years of experience treating injured workers.

Help and support to quickly return to work: Expert therapy leads to fast recovery, safe return to work and reduces the risk of injury.

Learn the tools and strategies to stay healthy and prevent future injuries

What To Expect

Everyone’s injury is different:  Detailed and thorough evaluation of the injury history, work duties and current pain/limitations

Reliable and effective: Evidence based treatment interventions that include hands-on manual techniques, functional exercise, and patient education.

The plan changes as you recover and your needs change: Progressive plan of care to restore function, decrease pain, and get you back to productive work and your life.

We make sure we are all working together towards your recovery: Regular re-assessments and updates communicated to your referring physician and your insurance adjuster.

Your needs are unique and benefit from specialized care: Our team collaborative approach treats you holistically as an “industrial” athlete.

If you are injured at work, workers’ compensation may approve physical therapy as part of your comprehensive recovery plan.

“My back injury at work left me questioning my future as a construction carpenter and my ability to be an active dad to my two kids, I found hope when my doctor referred me to PT.  Brock coached me through a customized PT program that decreased my pain and made me stronger again. Now, I’m not only back on the construction site, but I’m also able to enjoy quality time with my children without the constant pain that once held me back. I am so glad my doc referred me to physical therapy. Thank you Brock!”


About Brock Monger DPT ATC



Brock is a seasoned expert with over 22 years of experience in the world of physical therapy and athletic training. Alongside his physical therapy license, he holds a certification as a strength and conditioning specialist, and his foundation in Division I sports medicine adds to his expertise. Brock excels not only in clinical duties but also shares his knowledge as an associate professor in the Doctorate of Physical Therapy program at OSU of the Cascades.


Brock’s true passion lies in making a difference where it matters most. He specializes in physical therapy in rural settings, health and wellness promotion, and caring for injured workers, always striving to improve lives. As a community partner and innovator, Brock works to bring physical therapy to those in need, bridging gaps and creating lasting impact.


When he’s not busy in the clinic, you can find Brock channeling his energy into spending time with his kids, embracing the thrill of skiing, hitting the trails on his mountain bike, and reconnecting with nature through camping and travel. Brock’s journey is a testament to his commitment to both his profession and the joy of living life to the fullest.

Brock Monger, PT
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