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Bike-Fitting Services

If age, wear and tear or past injuries are limiting your enjoyment of cycling, an ergonomic bike fit performed by a knowledgeable physical therapist and bike fitter can get you back on your bike without pain. A great ergonomic bike fit can help you find the balance between comfort, efficiency and performance. A physical therapist bike fit at Focus Physical Therapy takes biomechanical bike fitting to another level by individualizing your fit to your body, with your unique history, anatomy, joint, motor control and muscle needs. 

Common complaints addressed in an ergonomic bike fit include:

  • Neck and Low Back Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Hand or Foot Numbness
  • Hip Pain
  • Foot, Ankle or Toe pain

We offer:

A comprehensive bike fit. During the 1.5 – 2 hour process, we look at the following:

  • Adjustments to the cleat/pedal interface, saddle height, fore/aft and tilt, stem length & drop/rise, and handlebar size and positioning
  • Head-to-toe assessment of strength, flexibility and joint mobility
  • Functional assessment of balance and neuromuscular control
  • Assessment of injuries and weaknesses on the bike
  • Personalized home exercise program to address any strength or mobility limitations and to rehabilitate injuries

Price: $250

Your fit may be covered by insurance if you have a treatable physical therapy problem that affects other activities in addition to cycling. Co-insurance, co-payments and deductibles apply. 

A La Carte

We offer the following a la carte services

  • Choose new bicycle saddles, cleats/pedals and handlebars
  • Setup cleat position for new shoes
  • Transfer established fit to other bicycles

Price: $60 each additional half hour.

Beyond Cycling

If cycling isn’t your only sport, consider adding a running or multisport athlete service. Our running analysis is key for cyclists who also run, since the movements and strength/flexibility requirements are different between the sports and imbalances are common. Ask about our programs specifically for runners.

bike-fitting service

I'm extremely happy with the bike-fitting service at Focus Physical Therapy. I was so impressed with Burke PT and Focus Physical Therapy that they have done three bike fittings for me. Being a long time bike rider (25+ years) with a leg length discrepancy and who experiencing knee issues, I felt it was important to get a bike fit. As a rider, I know the importance of a bike fit to one's performance and comfort. Burke PT is knowledgeable and professional. In addition to being a physical therapist he an avid bike rider. I've had other bike fits in the past where the person made some adjustments and then told me to just ride and come back to make adjustments. The bike fitting at Focus Physical Therapy is heads and tails above anything I've had in the past. Burke took joint measurements, tested my flexibility, and shot video of me riding my bike. To get the most out of riding your bike, do yourself a big favor and get a bike fitting from Focus Physical Therapy!

Chris V

Happy Knees!

I just got my first big gravel ride in with the new bike fit last weekend.  After 55 miles of gravel my knees felt pretty good.  So thank you for your time and effort on the bike fit, I really appreciate it. Thanks,

Aaron T

Above and beyond…

Peter and Burke are great PT’s who go above and beyond for their patients.  They offer something that other local PT’s don’t, which is a deeper look at your equipment as the last step in getting you back to your sport of passion.  They made microadjustments to my beloved mountain bike, helping me to figure out the last step in a full recovery from a total knee replacement.

Wendy L

Functional Bike-Fit

I have a Salsa Fargo drop-bar MTB that I use for bikepacking and gravel riding. Long days in the saddle were aggravating my neck and shoulders. Burke was able to assess the need for a shorter stem and also made sure that my seat was in the right place for the proper reach of my upper body. I also had some knee irritation and he was able to address my leg length difference. Because he is a physical therapist, he knows exactly how my joints will respond with even the smallest adjustments. The tools are simple but super effective. My bike is so comfortable now, I'm ready for adventure!

Amy R
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