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About Focus

Physical Therapist observes his patient doing lunges during rehab

Working together to realize our patient’s potential for total recovery.

Husband and wife team Burke Selbst and Amy Royce founded Focus Physical Therapy in 2005 to offer rehabilitation with the highest level of skill, effectiveness and caring. Our mission and motto are simple: To allow the best therapists to do the right thing with our patients. To realize this mission, we brought together an eclectic team of therapists with a huge range of rehabilitation experience, interests and expertise; we created a patient-service team of administrative staff to make scheduling and payment as smooth as possible, and we gather ongoing feedback on our business from our patients and community partners to fine-tune our operations.

Our patients come to us in pain or distress. They put their trust in us to get them better. That’s what we do.

Our team of therapists have the advanced training and experience to tackle any physical movement or pain problem.  By offering multiple specialties, we have therapists with the unique skills and interests to meet the needs of our diverse patient population and community. From common problems such as low back pain, shoulder, hip and knee pain, to problems such as lymphedema, balance and inner-ear disorders that require a specialist’s care, our therapy team has the depth, range and record of success to treat and manage these conditions and many more.

Rehab is a simple thing, done in an infinitely complex number of ways.

If you are hurting or experiencing a life-altering disability or condition, contact us to find out how to make our care the foundation of your rehabilitation program.