For Providers

For Providers

Spine, sports and specialty care rehabilitation experts your patients will trust.

Our hand-selected team of physical therapists has been together for many years.  We have extensive experience in multiple rehabilitation approaches as well as screening for medical referral.  Our strengths include:

  • One-on-one treatment with only licensed therapists allows for greater specificity and precision and ongoing assessment. Patients stay with the same therapist or two-person team for the duration of their care, without the use of aides or care extenders.
  • Biomechanical and dynamic movement assessment including videography for accuracy and reproducibility.
  • Written and pictorial home programs and self-management instructions for better patient follow-through.
  • Fair charges and flexible payment options to create value and opportunity for patients – we offer a concierge level of service and rehab for a competitive price.

What We Treat

Common diagnoses treated at Focus Physical Therapy by our licensed and certified experts include:

  • Low back, thoracic and neck pain
  • Shoulder impingement and muscle tears, including post-surgical
  • Mechanical and arthritic joint pain of the lower limb including most commonly the hip and knee
  • Biomechanical assessment and treatment of foot disorders including footwear and insole recommendations and referrals
  • Balance and gait disorders and gait training
  • Mechanical and neurogenic vestibular dysfunction
  • Pulmonary physical therapy to improve strength, energy and endurance and function
  • Cancer-related rehab and lymphedema treatment
  • Occupational and motor vehicle related injuries
  • Sports injuries, especially running, cycling, swimming and skiing
  • Pediatrics

Additional Services

In addition to the traditional physical therapy tools and techniques, our staff also offers as needed:

Instrumented Soft Tissue Mobilization – for scar tissue and tendon remodeling.

Manual Therapy Techniques and Mobilizations – including high velocity mobilizations of the spine and peripheral joints and soft tissues when appropriate.

Movement Based Rehabilitation Approaches – based on years of research, this is truly the direction of rehabilitation moving into the future – more motion, less passive modalities and treatments.

Changing the way our providers, patients and community think about rehabilitation.

The patterns of patient utilization of physical therapy are changing in response to financial forces as well as evolving and improving clinical best practices.  It is our mission to offer the best rehabilitation possible for a fair price and to schedule patients based on their clinical needs with precision.


Please contact us to learn more about our programs and business. We appreciate your referrals and the care you show for your patients when you choose Focus Physical Therapy.