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This may be one of the most unusual cases I’ve ever treated…

By Burke Selbst, PT, Owner of Focus Physical Therapy

There is a perception that physical therapy is only for injuries or surgeries, and that for routine aches and pains we need to just cope with it. This couldn’t be further from the truth! I want to highlight a couple of important things with the following story:

The Case of the Sleeping Shoulder Strain

Many years ago, a friend came to see me for a painful shoulder. She hadn’t done anything to cause an injury that she could remember. She just woke up with it one day and it was now months later and it hadn’t gotten better. We did our exam and I took a careful history. I discovered her shoulder had slipped a little in the shallow socket while she was sleeping pressing on a nerve and straining some of the shoulder joint fibers. Sleeping of all things! Her arm had probably gotten into an awkward position without her knowledge. Mystery solved; therapy program commenced. We worked for a few weeks to calm the irritated nerve and strengthen her shoulder and she recovered fully.

Waiting or just taking medicine is not a rehab program or plan.

While it’s true many injuries do take some time to heal, the initial pain at rest and swelling shouldn’t last more than a few days. If your problem doesn’t get better in a few days, instead of waiting longer consider a therapy evaluation. It could be the difference between “I guess I’ll just live with this” and “wow, I feel great!”.

Soreness or pain without an obvious injury is still a sign something needs attention.

If your body is talking to you, it’s best to listen. Find a good translator (hint: that’s us!).

It’s never too late to make a difference.

Even with chronic problems, a good program can help you maintain and even improve your abilities and prevent things from getting worse. A new or updated program just might kick start your body’s healing anew and can help you keep your abilities and independence much longer.

Talk to us.

If you’ve been sitting on your own version of my friend’s injury – a cranky hip, a stubborn toe, a misunderstood shoulder, elbow, neck, low back – consider dropping in to let one of our expert therapists have a go at getting you relief. We accept most insurance plans and offer both in-person and telehealth visits. Our team is standing by and will be happy to assist you. Fast relief and meaningful results await…

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