Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Kari Szukalski smiling while stretching the arm and shoulder of a patient

Make our team of experts the cornerstone of your post-surgical recovery and rehabilitation plan

After surgery, our patients want a team they can trust to help them get back to the important activities and people in their lives. Our 100% therapist team doesn’t use aides, techs or other shortcuts during your care – just undivided one-on-one time with our highly trained and experienced therapists. It costs us more to deliver care this way, but your safety, recovery and long-term results will benefit from our approach, and we think you’re worth it!

With clinics on the Eastside and Westside of Bend, we’re conveniently located and ready to meet your post-surgical needs. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you get back to your life after you’ve had surgery.