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Why a Physical Therapy Diagnosis Matters

Our expert therapists have the knowledge and training to rehabilitate your injuries and pain using a total-body approach that is unique, powerful and effective. This is rehabilitation, re-defined.

Here is an example: Imagine your car tires for a moment – one of them is out of alignment. That tire is wearing unevenly causing damage to the rubber tread. Not only that, but driving on a damaged tire is stressing other parts of the car more than it should, and the normally smooth motion of the car now feels different and rough.

Now picture your body, your joints, muscles, tendons, fascia, nerves and bones. For each of these structures, just like the tire example there is an optimal range of movement and alignment that works well and reduces strain and uneven forces on your body. If you stay within these ranges you can expect excellent performance from your body, just like you would your car tires. Problems with the alignment and movement of your body will cause more strain and uneven forces, leading to pain, tightness, weakness, and eventually injuries. If left un-checked these imbalances also cause other areas to wear and strain prematurely leading to more problems on top of problems.

How does a physical therapy diagnosis help?

Using our tire example above, instead of simply changing or patching the tire when needed and ignoring the underlying alignment problem, we take extra time to check the alignment of your whole body and identify problems that are causing the main issue. We evaluate these additional areas of dysfunction for significance as it relates to your main complaint. We then systematically go through and treat each of these issues using hands-on techniques, exercises and movement training.

What’s the best part of having a physical therapist diagnose and treat you?

The best part is since your body works mechanically, and your nervous system learns rapidly, the changes we make are effective at relieving your pain and discomfort almost immediately. “The proof is in the results”, meaning when we make a positive change to your body, we expect and get an immediate sign that there is improvement in your injury or pain. This confirms we’re on the right path to getting you results and it guides us as we progress.

Let us take the guesswork out of recovering from pain or injury

While many clinics in Central Oregon offer very fine rehabilitation and use this modern model, what makes Focus Physical Therapy stand out from the rest is:

  • Our therapists are truly passionate about providing a comprehensive and complete service and assessment, and we have the satisfaction surveys and results to prove it.
  • You’ll see the same expert therapist every time you come in. They will get to know you, your goals, history and the specific and complex requirements of your body. If you’ve experienced therapy elsewhere and done the ‘table and therapist’ shuffle and not known who you are going to see from visit to visit, you understand how rare and special this is.
  • We play well with others – we love to educate and share with other providers including physicians, personal trainers, massage therapists, Acupuncturists and Chiropractors among others. Our goals and total-body assessment only add value to the work you may be doing with others, it doesn’t take any away or limit the benefit you may be receiving from other treatments.

Why Focus?

Why you should contact us about your injury, pain or chronic problem:

  • You will get FAST results and will know almost immediately that you are on the right track.
  • You will have the time you need for treatment, to learn skills you can take home, and to have all of your questions and concerns answered and addressed.
  • We are a small, word-of-mouth clinic – we will wow you with our service. That includes seeing you on-time, helping you navigate your specific insurance and billing requirements, offering you affordable options and state of the art, convenient clinics for your therapy.

Knowledge is power. Let us put that power to work for you.