Coronavirus Information

Published March 17, 2020

Keeping You Safe

At Focus Physical Therapy, our patients’ health and safety guides everything we do. We are monitoring all updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as state and local health authorities and following all recommendations.

Our offices maintain the highest standard of infection control and sterilization of surfaces and equipment between patients and throughout the day. We use cleaning agents that specifically address viral pathogens, including the COVID-19 virus.

What You Should Know

We remain open and ready to serve. We’re asking our patients to help us fight the spread of this outbreak, as well as other flu-like diseases, by doing the following:

  • Please call us to reschedule your appointment if you:
    • Have any symptoms of a respiratory illness including a fever, cough or difficulty breathing. 
    • Have a child who stayed home from school due to illness, fever or shortness of breath. 
    • Have been in contact with someone with known or suspected Coronavirus (COVID-19).
    • Have visited or been in close contact with anyone who has visited in the last 14 days countries/regions that the CDC declares high risk of infection spread.
    • If you just are not feeling well

There is no penalty for last-minute cancellations during this time.

  • If any of our staff is not feeling well or have ill family members, they will stay home. In that case, we ask for your patience in case we need to reschedule your appointments.

Creating a Safe Environment for Your Physical Therapy

These preventive measures can be taken by all staff and patients to ensure a safe environment for all:

  • Screening of all patients prior to each visit.
  • Frequent disinfection of all common areas, treatment rooms, gym spaces, bathrooms, door handles, equipment, countertops and electronic devices.
  • Frequent hand-washing or sanitizing.
    When you enter our office, please wash your hands in the restroom or use the hand sanitizer provided. Please remember to wash with soap for at least 20 seconds, scrubbing the fronts, backs, fingertips and thumbs.
  • Good cough and sneeze etiquette.
    It’s a good idea to carry tissues and hand sanitizer with you, to use throughout the day as you open doors or sign for purchases, etc. If you happen to sneeze, use a tissue and disinfect your hands afterwards. To be effective, hand sanitizer must be at least 70% alcohol.

Stay Informed

We’ll continue to monitor the spread of this outbreak and adjust our policies if needed. You can learn more about COVID-19 on the website, including how the virus spreads, the symptoms of infection, and what to do if you feel ill.

Please feel free to contact us at the office with any questions or concerns by calling 541-385-3344 (option 1 for Eastside, option 2 for Old Mill).

Burke Selbst PT
Owner of Focus Physical Therapy

Coronavirus FAQ

Q: What happens if I cancel an appointment at the last minute due to respiratory illness symptoms?

A: There will be no penalties for cancellations and missed appointments related to respiratory illnesses until further notice.

Q: How do I know if other patients have it? I don’t want to be exposed to the virus.

A: We are screening all patients according to guidance from the CDC and our local health department for respiratory symptoms and recent travel when they arrive at their appointment. Patients who exhibit the criteria will be asked to reschedule over the phone once they are no longer exhibiting symptoms.

Q: What are you doing to make sure germs are taken care of at the clinic?

A: We always have patient safety in mind and disinfect all surfaces on a regular basis, regardless of the coronavirus outbreak. All our staff washes their hands with soap and water regularly between treating patients. Our staff may wear gloves during specific procedures. We are taking all cleaning and hygiene precautions recommended by the CDC.

Q: If I have a cough can I come in for my appointment?

A: If you are experiencing any sickness, please wait to schedule an appointment until you are fever-free, without the use of fever reducing medication or other symptom reducing medication, for 24 hours. If you have fever or respiratory symptoms such as cough or shortness of breath and have either traveled internationally in the past 14 days or had close contact with someone who’s suspected or confirmed to have coronavirus, please call your primary healthcare provider for guidance.

Q: What if I traveled outside of the country lately – can I still come in for my appointment?

A: If you have traveled to a country on the CDC’s list of restrictions on entry to the United States, please wait until 14 days after you return to schedule an appointment.