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The following is a sample of the testimonials that we’ve received from our patients.

Athlete looking for quick and effective results

After struggling with many different injuries over the years, I finally decided I needed a change. Burke provided the solutions that I was looking. Burke's attention to detail is what separates him from many of the other physical therapists that I have seen over the years. I would highly recommend Burke, and the rest of the staff at Focus, to anyone who is looking for a quality physical therapy experience.

Mary Hanson, LMT- Bend

Burke Selbst stands out as a physical therapist who takes the time needed to help you get results quickly. His assessments are thorough, his explanations are in plain English and he makes sure you fully understand how best to make progress. I feel confident whenever I refer one of my clients to Burke. I know they will benefit from his expertise.

I spent one hour with Jennifer and the pain was gone

I had the most amazing experience with Jennifer Truong, she is so highly recommended. I've never been to a PT so I was a bit hesitant when my primary care doc suggested I go. I injured my shoulder and was at a point where I was taking 5 ibu's both morning and evening along with plenty of whiskey and using weed-cream and I still could not sleep due to the pain and aching. I had limited range of motion and basically couldn't do anything with that left shoulder, it hurt/ached all the time. I spent one hour with Jennifer and the pain was gone, I shit-you-not...GONE! She sent me home with exercises to do, went back a couple weeks later for a follow up and more exercises to do. Now I basically have zero effects from that injury. I'm a convert, if I ever get injured again I'm going to Jennifer sooner rather than later. Simply the BEST!

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