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Designed for athletes of any age, our expert sports therapists rehab muscles and movements in order for you to get the most out of the sports you love.

At Focus Physical Therapy, we do sports therapy differently. We apply whole-body, interconnected strategies to correct and improve how you move and to help your body fully recover.  Our therapists take the time to understand what your sports goals are.  Then we want to know who you are as a person to develop the best rehab plan for you. Sponsor logos or negative splits aren’t necessary. Your goals are our goals. Ultimately we will look at your body as a dynamic whole to apply the specific hands-on treatments and exercises you need most. Whatever your age, level, ability or sport, your passion and our focus equal the program to help you recover or stay at your best.

If you would like to experience the level of detail and treatment we provide, or if you’ve been managing an injury that won’t cooperate or improve, please contact us and let our team help you get back to the activities you love.

For Kasia and Kyle

I wanted to thank you both for helping me recover. You both gave me a sense of control over my recovery. Importantly, you both counseled me to chill, but push when it felt good to do so. That balance was really key to finding myself where I am now.
Although I'll always probably live with some tightness and discomfort, I've been able to get back to doing what I love and find new meaning in it. I had a trip to Patagonia where I didn't know if I'd be able to walk into the mountains, but I was astonished by what my body was capable. I am SO SO SO thankful to the two of you for guiding me through the post-HW removal phase of recovery. I was a sad lost puppy when I came into Focus PT and I left with an organized path forward.
Thank you both so much for your support! Brad

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