Dynamic Core Stabilization

Closeup of youthful female runner doing pikeups on the physioball

Every body needs a solid foundation. We’ll show you how to build one.

We’ve seen the future of rehabilitation and dynamic core stability training, and it’s here! More than simply teaching isolated abdominal or back muscle exercises, our approach and program trains and strengthens muscles in total-body patterns, slings and movements in the same way your own nervous system does to produce strength that is fluid, supple, dynamic and built to last.

Few clinics have our pedigree in both traditional physical therapy diagnosis and treatment, and advanced training in assessing and training neuromuscular core stability. Our therapists instruct other therapists, doctors and the community all over the world on how to identify and address muscle and joint imbalances throughout the body. Because of the “injury-proofing” that comes with a strong dynamic core and competent neuromuscular control, this component is absolutely required for every successful rehabilitation program.

Like everything we do, we tailor our programs to you individually and will take the guesswork out of developing your skills. We gauge your ability, control and baselines to help you build a better foundation in the quickest, safest and most productive way possible. As an added bonus, when done right, dynamic stability training feels good to your body and your body knows it’s good for you! If you’ve been on the fence about doing rehabilitation, or you’ve been spinning your wheels at an impersonal clinic, don’t wait any longer to feel better!