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Strains and Sprains

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You’ve been banged up, twisted, rolled, dinged or otherwise ruffled? We’ll help you get back to your pain-free life after strains or sprains.

Waiting an injury out is a great strategy… for about 3 days (less if you’re one of our athletes, but more on that later). And the medicine you’ve been taking? That’s for your symptoms, not for your healing. Consider this: once you’ve suffered an injury, your body’s clock starts ticking. Things like swelling, tissue damage, nerve fiber sensitivity and control and inactivity begin to immediately change how your body moves and can significantly impact how quickly it takes you to recover. If you aren’t moving enough, or moving well, you could be delaying your recovery significantly and contributing to greater risk of re-injury or new problems.

Need a road map and a guide you can trust to get moving again safely? Our team of highly experienced and caring therapists is standing by. Don’t wait for a small problem to balloon into a huge problem with a host of new issues – take advantage of our knowledge and abilities, even if it’s just for a couple of visits. You and your body will be glad that you did.

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