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A long-time patient says:

Have made numerous appts past years. Kari has always provided outstanding advice, therapy and recommendations to numerous physical problems. Her expertise and application of techniques has enhanced my quality of retired life.

Praise for Burke and Carlee

I loved that appointments were a full hour one on one with the therapist. That is extremely rare to come by these days but shows how much quality patient care is top priority.

Shana and Jen…

Shana and Jen are excellent therapists and very kind and caring people.

Praise for Focus

People were friendly, competent and did what they promised to do!

About Carlee…

She knows me and my conditions. I’ve been coming for years when I need work on a flair-up in back muscles.

Focus has…

Very patient-centered care–really understanding my situation, evaluating well, and even going the extra mile with emails, and sometimes consolation that required kleenex when I’d experienced a setback.

Patients appreciate…

The individual attention & privacy; Like being with my therapist the entire time rather than being sent to assistants for part of treatment.

When scheduling…

I appreciated the willingness to put me on the list if someone cancelled and I could move my appointment up.