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Kari was very compassionate and helped with my pain (and) provided compassionate, knowledgeable care! I couldn’t be happier and am looking forward to knee rehab after my surgery.

Kari is professional and competent.

Kari understood what was necessary for recovery without overdoing it.

Shana’s attentiveness and willingness to be patient and take extra time listening and finding a solution made the most impact in my recovery.

Burke-your patient rapport-empathy, kindness, knowledge, skills, treatment, humor…the list is endless! Nothing to improve…

Haden and Carolyn are the best in scheduling around our needs, and timely reminders.

The therapists are focused on the patient and not “two” timing…not handing off to another person. Personal attention and care made the most impact in my recovery.

The quality of care at Focus PT is above any I have experienced elsewhere. Both of my PT’s made it worth while to come do therapy. I think that the care that was put into …

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Thanks for the pain relief! I don’t think anyone could improve on your service.

Compassionate and knowledgeable with ability to listen before beginning therapy.

Other Staff PT

doer of amazing things

Burke Selbst PT OCS gcfp

Lover of all things movement. Inspired by success stories great and small and coming back stronger.

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