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“I am proud to be a part of a profession that continues to evolve and adapt in order to meet the growing needs of the population. I will continue to work hard in order to change and grow as healthcare turns to the more holistic and sustainable end of the spectrum.”


Kyle was born and Raised in West Linn, OR. He played football at Pacific University in Forest Grove OR, where he got his Bachelor’s degree, then resumed at Pacific University to attain his Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2017.

Certifications and Continuing Education

Certified Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (Cert. MDT 2022)
Combined Sections Meeting, New Orleans (2018)
Combined Sections Meeting, San Antonio (2017)
OHSU Pain Symposium (2017)

Highlights and Interests

Kyle loves to travel. He lived and worked in South Africa for three months for a Physical Therapy internship while working on his DPT. Most recently he travelled to Iceland to chase waterfalls and the elusive northern lights. Locally, Kyle enjoys snowboarding, wakeboarding, hiking/backpacking, really anything in the sun or snow.


Patient Testimonials

For Kasia and Kyle

I wanted to thank you both for helping me recover. You both gave me a sense of control over my recovery. Importantly, you both counseled me to chill, but push when it felt good to do so. That balance was really key to finding myself where I am now.
Although I’ll always probably live with some tightness and discomfort, I’ve been able to get back to doing what I love and find new meaning in it. I had a trip to Patagonia where I didn’t know if I’d be able to walk into the mountains, but I was astonished by what my body was capable. I am SO SO SO thankful to the two of you for guiding me through the post-HW removal phase of recovery. I was a sad lost puppy when I came into Focus PT and I left with an organized path forward.
Thank you both so much for your support! Brad

Patty R


Peter Schrey at Focus in West Bend is an excellent sports physical therapist and you will not be sorry if you make an appointment with him. We moved every year to a different ski resort prior to moving to Bend, so I have seen a lot of different PTs, and none of them can even compare to Peter. I really liked that he talked to me quite a bit first to find out where my pain was coming from and what was causing it. He made sure I was clear on the exercises and started out slow as I had asked. The best thing I learned is that sometimes you need to work thru small amounts of pain in order to progress. Both receptionists are super friendly as well and even answered my questions and listened to my crazy chit chat. On my last day I saw Kyle and I would highly recommend him as well. THANKS GUYS SO MUCH!!!


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Burke Selbst PT OCS gcfp

Lover of all things movement. Inspired by success stories great and small and coming back stronger.

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