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Kasia Kiilijanek, DPT

Kasia Kilijanek

Kasia specializes in adolescent sports rehabilitation with a strong emphasis in acrobatic athletes including gymnasts, cheerleaders and tumblers. She’s board certified in orthopedics and is a sought after presenter on the orthopedic rehab of gymnasts and other acrobatic athletes. Kasia also works with adults and was drawn to our patient-centered care model. 


Originally from Colorado, Kasia obtained her undergraduate degree in Movement Science from the University of Winona in Minnesota, then quickly hurried back to Colorado. She then graduated from the University of Colorado in 2016 with her doctorate in physical therapy, obtaining her Orthopedic Certification Specialty in 2019. She has worked in orthopedics since graduation but has specialized in treating adolescent athletes for many years. 


  • Sports Physical Therapy Education Day Presentation at the Sports Medicine Center of Children’s Hospital Colorado Presentation (2021)
  • USAG Regional and National Conference Presentations (2018)
  • Advanced Care of the Youth Athlete at the Sports Medicine Center of Children’s Hospital Colorado Presentation (2017)

Certifications and Continuing Education

  • ABPTS Orthopedic Certification Specialty (2019)
  • USA Gymnastics Coaching certification (2013-2015)


Kasia enjoys working with athletes of all ages, in every sport, but particularly excels at treating gymnasts, cheerleaders, and other acrobatic athletes. Kasia was a competitive gymnast herself for over 11 years and coached recreational to team level gymnasts for 14 years. She also has extensive experience working with patients who have undergone ACL, ALL, or MPFL reconstruction, shoulder surgery, operative and nonoperative osteochondritis dissecans, growth plate injuries (Gymnasts wrist, Sever’s, Osgood-Schlatter’s, etc.), overuse sports injuries, ankle sprains, Achilles tendinopathy or surgery, hip surgeries, muscular back pain, and spondylolysis. 
In her free time, Kasia still enjoys doing back flips, CrossFit, Olympic weight lifting, mountain biking, parkour, snowboarding, hiking, camping, and everything else Bend has to offer.


Patient Testimonials

Kasia is incredible at what she does…

I called Focus Therapy because I was dealing with a prolonged knee injury I suffered while playing basketball. Not having much experience at all with PT, I was hesitant whether it would achieve any success. I was matched up with Kasia Kilijanek, who immediately took a professional approach to fixing my knee issues. What I appreciated about Kasia was she was willing to try new things to work on the issue at hand. Kasia is incredible at what she does, and is incredibly passionate about helping you return to your normal self. As well, she is incredibly personable and makes PT fun! I cannot recommend Kasia enough. She is an incredible physical therapist.

For Kasia and Kyle

I wanted to thank you both for helping me recover. You both gave me a sense of control over my recovery. Importantly, you both counseled me to chill, but push when it felt good to do so. That balance was really key to finding myself where I am now.
Although I’ll always probably live with some tightness and discomfort, I’ve been able to get back to doing what I love and find new meaning in it. I had a trip to Patagonia where I didn’t know if I’d be able to walk into the mountains, but I was astonished by what my body was capable. I am SO SO SO thankful to the two of you for guiding me through the post-HW removal phase of recovery. I was a sad lost puppy when I came into Focus PT and I left with an organized path forward.
Thank you both so much for your support! Brad


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