Cristin Reed PT DPT is a highly experienced clinician who approaches patient care with skill, compassion, humor and thoroughness. She is an excellent addition to our team, based out of our Eastside location, and should be considered for musculoskeletal problems for patients of all ages, with particular emphasis on problems of the spine, complex orthopedic problems and for patients who are otherwise failing to respond well or thrive in therapy programs elsewhere. Cristin is a great fit for our team and culture, and we are confident in the excellent care she will provide at Focus Physical Therapy.

Cristin Reed, PT DPT is a Bend native, and joined Focus Physical Therapy after returning home from many years living in the Washington, DC area. She is excited to be close to her family in Bend, and to participate in the many outdoor opportunities that Central Oregon has to offer.

Cristin brings a legacy of diverse orthopedic experience to her practice. She received her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2005, where she specialized in the treatment of the spine. She has treated a varied orthopedic patient population for 12 years. She is a hands-on, manually focused therapist with a broad toolbox of techniques to apply as needed to suit an individual patient. She is a motivated, compassionate and relatable provider of patient focused, goal-oriented care.


2002 B.S. Wellness, Nutrition, and Exercise Science George Mason University Fairfax, Virginia

2005 DPT Physical Therapy VCU, Medical College of Virginia


  • Evidence-Based Strategies For Joint Rehabilitation
  • Integrated Neuromuscular Re-Education Muscle Energy Therapy and Positional Release
  • Clinical Reasoning for the Lumbopelvic Region
  • Therapeutic And Rehab Applications Of Yoga • Evaluation, Rehabilitation and Performance Enhancement of Runners
  • Solving The Mystery Of The Pelvic Rotator Cuff and Abdominal Core Power in Lumbar and SI Function
  • Integrated Neuromuscular Re-Education


Patient Testimonials

Cristin’s patient says:

Cristin made me feel so comfortable and was so easy to talk to about the difficulties/pain I was having with my body. It was truly a joy coming to PT (which I don’t think may people can say that). The staff was always so friendly and welcoming. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my PT needs or to any other therapist for that matter!

From Kristen Kusek

If you’re unlucky enough to have to see a physical therapist (PT), I hope you’re lucky enough to get on Cristin Reed’s schedule because if PTs are magicians, Cristin Reed is Houdini. I stepped foot in her office 4.5 weeks ago in acute discomfort with x-rays in hand indicating my scoliosis (curvature of the spine) had worsened. My back muscles screamed at me on a daily basis and I was struggling with my “normal” activities. I was so impressed with Cristin’s ability to listen, her willingness to dive deep and quickly develop a plan specific to my suite of conditions (I’m more of a calculus equation than simple math!), and her ability to communicate clearly and pivot when necessary to assure effective treatment.  I am leaving stronger than I’ve felt in years – so strong and healthy and positive that my only regret is not having met Cristin sooner. A master of her craft, she gave me the tools I needed to re-gain core strength and muscular symmetry. For someone with scoliosis, this achievement truly does feel like magic! Cristin is gifted with profound knowledge of body mechanics combined an innate sixth sense that allows her to quickly hone in on, and effectively treat, problem areas. These skills combined with her goal-oriented, down to earth, and supportive approach made the process actually fun. On a scale of one to ten, she’s a 15.

About Cristin…

The knowledge and skills of staff is impressive. I am treated as a person and not just a widget moving through a factory, the staff really cares!