Please note: Per OR state guidelines healthcare providers and patients are still required to mask during treatments. Please see the Oregon State Guidance here.


Peter Schrey at Focus in West Bend is an excellent sports physical therapist and you will not be sorry if you make an appointment with him. We moved every year to a different ski resort prior to moving to Bend, so I have seen a lot of different PTs, and none of them can even compare to Peter. I really liked that he talked to me quite a bit first to find out where my pain was coming from and what was causing it. He made sure I was clear on the exercises and started out slow as I had asked. The best thing I learned is that sometimes you need to work thru small amounts of pain in order to progress. Both receptionists are super friendly as well and even answered my questions and listened to my crazy chit chat. On my last day I saw Kyle and I would highly recommend him as well. THANKS GUYS SO MUCH!!!

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