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I spent one hour with Jennifer and the pain was gone

I had the most amazing experience with Jennifer Truong, she is so highly recommended.

I’ve never been to a PT so I was a bit hesitant when my primary care doc suggested I go. I injured my shoulder and was at a point where I was taking 5 ibu’s both morning and evening along with plenty of whiskey and using weed-cream and I still could not sleep due to the pain and aching. I had limited range of motion and basically couldn’t do anything with that left shoulder, it hurt/ached all the time. I spent one hour with Jennifer and the pain was gone, I shit-you-not…GONE! She sent me home with exercises to do, went back a couple weeks later for a follow up and more exercises to do. Now I basically have zero effects from that injury. I’m a convert, if I ever get injured again I’m going to Jennifer sooner rather than later. Simply the BEST!