Please note: Per OR state guidelines healthcare providers and patients are still required to mask during treatments. Please see the Oregon State Guidance here.

I am so happy I found Cristin…

I am so happy I found Cristin Reed and I when I think of her I think of pain relief and relaxation. When I go to see her she is able to accurately assess what is going on with my back pain and come up with a plan to help. The work she does in the office on my back and muscles is helpful as well as the exercises she has given me to do. She also gives me information on what is going on and why there is pain. Another big bonus she has given me is that she invited my husband to come in with me and explained the where and why of my pain as well as some techniques he could do to help me. This has helped him to be more compassionate, understanding and willing to help me. It also helps that she is fun.

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