Open for All In-Person and Telehealth Sessions


What makes a difference:

Clear explanation of what was causing my foot/ankle issues and friendly encouragement to keep up the exercises.

Praise for Jen…

Jen is amazing. She is personable, kind and very patient. She explains things well and I always feel better when I leave.

Shana and Jen…

Shana and Jen are excellent therapists and very kind and caring people.

Praise for Carlee and Jen

The extreme positivity and encouragement that they give me to improve my situation and how I feel.

Praise for Jen K

Jennifer is very good with assessing and and working with problem areas. I appreciate the way she adjusts exercises every session to make progress.

Praise for Shana and Jen

Shana’s knowledge of lymphedema and her good ideas. She and Jen are very positive, and I’m glad to know they’re available if I need them.

A Patient Says

Lisa & Jen both explained what I was to do & what they were doing & complemented each other in their approach to me.

Kari and Jen’s patient says:

The combined efforts of the therapists (Kari and Jen)…better my treatment and lessen my pain. She is willing to put in the time to improve my overall health.