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A patient says

“The staff has very good people skills, the office is run efficiently and the atmosphere is warm and inviting.”

A patient says

The entire process from the greeting to the completion of the visit is excellent.

Patients say

Everyone is so caring… they are all wonderful in the care they give!


Haden and Carolyn are the best in scheduling around our needs, and timely reminders.

Focused on the patient…

The therapists are focused on the patient and not “two” timing…not handing off to another person. Personal attention and care made the most impact in my recovery.

Ability to listen

Compassionate and knowledgeable with ability to listen before beginning therapy.

Andy Barram

Had a bum shoulder/wing for about a week. Stopped in for a session with Burke Selbst and left with huge increase in range of motion and reduction in pain. Got to sleep through the night too. That …

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Andrew Jensen

I would like to send out a HUGE thank you to Burke at Focus Physical Therapy, Inc. – Bend, Oregon for getting me back running again. After over 2 years of injuries I am now able to …

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doer of amazing things

Burke Selbst PT OCS gcfp

Lover of all things movement. Inspired by success stories great and small and coming back stronger.

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