The PT’s care…

I feel like my PTs actually care about me getting better. They’re extremely knowledgeable and skilled at what they do.

Praise for the East Location

The waiting area was most comforting, quiet and calm. The receptionist always acknowledged you immediately, which was nice.

Praise for Focus

The personal care which is always genuine. I have been to other clinics and they too are very good but your clinic is more relaxed and there is a sense of ownership and honest care …

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Haden is great…

Haden is great and always schedules me before I leave – plus she knows what times are convenient for me without me having to tell her!

A patient says…

I originally selected your clinic because of the anti-gravity treadmill. I have since selected your clinic because of the care and positive attitude of your therapists.

Return to activities

I am able to walk with less pain, exercise, move, play tennis and participate in other activities with relative ease which I could not do without following my therapist advice.

Therapy works!

The actual therapy work we do. My pain has decreased significantly and I can just tell Pt works!

Peter has been amazing

He is very detail oriented and also explains the science/research behind why he is doing what he does. I love that!