A gifted therapist

Dave’s ability to diagnose the injury and develop a clear and totally relevant path to recovery! I have complete trust in Dave’s abilities. He is truly a gifted therapist.

Trust in the staff

The trust, first of all, but it started with competence and thoroughness every appointment!! Never fails!

Dave’s Patient says

you can not get higher than excellence being that i am a retired PT myself……i know what to expect in my care and DAVE is just wonderful

Dave’s Patient says

Dave clearly has extensive, in-depth knowledge of the subjects. His personal sports background is especially helpful–his experience playing hockey is translating into sport-specific treatment for my son’s hockey injury.

Dave’s Patient says

Quite frankly I didn’t think I would get well when I began with Dave so needless to say I am a fan.

Dave’s patient says:

Dave is very creative and friendly.  He watches carefully and helps me adjust so I am doing everything right.