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What makes a difference:

Clear explanation of what was causing my foot/ankle issues and friendly encouragement to keep up the exercises.

Keys to Success:

Determination, excellent knowledge of PT by Carlee, obvious caring for my recovery.

Praise for Burke and Carlee

I loved that appointments were a full hour one on one with the therapist. That is extremely rare to come by these days but shows how much quality patient care is top priority.

About Carlee…

She knows me and my conditions. I’ve been coming for years when I need work on a flair-up in back muscles.

What I needed…

The knowledge Carlee had on what I needed was exceptional. She’s extremely good at her job! I also Felt she actually cared about me and wanted me to get better!

Carlee listens…

Carlee listens, and has lots of ideas of how to help my problem. Very professional but easy to talk to.

Carlee’s skills

In addition to Carlee’s therapy, the exercises I am assigned are easy to understand and simple to do – therefore I do them more regularly than with past therapists.

Praise for Carlee

She listens and gave common since information. Along with friendly and knowledgeable instruction.

Other Staff PT

doer of amazing things

Burke Selbst PT OCS gcfp

Lover of all things movement. Inspired by success stories great and small and coming back stronger.

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