Vestibular & Dizziness Clinic

Alison Cobb with Vestibular patient

For episodes of vertigo or dizziness, our physical therapy specialists have the tools to quickly and comfortably make a positive change in how you feel and your quality of life.

Dizziness and vertigo occur for many different reasons and significantly impact quality of life by disrupting mobility and normal activities of living. Our team of vestibular rehabilitation specialists have advanced training in diagnosing and treating the mechanical causes of vestibular problems as well as the associated physical problems that result from vertigo and dizziness.

These problems can include:

  • Vertigo – the sensation of spinning or whirling
  • Dizziness – a lightheaded, floating or rocking sensation
  • Balance problems including stumbling, difficulty walking straight or turning corners
  • A history of falls or fear of falling
  • Visual problems including trouble focusing, discomfort and increased sensitivity to light and movement
  • Hearing problems including hearing loss, Tinnitus and increased sensitivity
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Motion sickness
  • A feeling of ‘fullness’ in the ears

Symptoms may be extreme and dramatic, or subtle and even misdiagnosed. They can be ignored by family members or other medical health providers. Many people experiencing these symptoms tend to minimize the disruption and impact this condition has on their lives. They gradually limit their activities as a result of their symptoms. The consequences of this gradual activity and lifestyle reduction are severe and far-reaching. The good news is that most if not all of these symptoms respond extremely well to therapy. Our programs include exercise, movement and specific inner-ear targeted maneuvers if needed, as well as medical treatments as necessary.

Our therapists work closely with your medical providers to ensure an accurate diagnosis and the most effective treatment plan. Let our team guide you towards recovering your comfort, mobility, independence and quality of life. Don’t delay – especially for symptoms of vertigo, our treatments are extremely powerful and effective. Contact us to learn more about our Vertigo and Dizziness treatment options.