Arthritis & Osteoporosis Clinic

A woman rides the recumbent elliptical at Focus Physical Therapy, Bend.

Have arthritis or osteoporosis? You can feel better quickly and make a difference in the health of your joints and bones! Let us show you how with our Arthritis and Osteoporosis services.

Exercise and movement is the gold standard of treatment for age-related changes to the joints and bones, but not just any program will do. We put our years of advanced training and experience to work for you to safely and progressively help your joints and bones get stronger and more capable of meeting the needs of your life. Plus, our hands on techniques are extremely effective for quickly relieving the pain associated with arthritis so that you can participate in your program and in your own activities more easily.

It’s a team effort, and if you haven’t been including physical therapy in your arthritis and osteoporosis program, consider this the opportunity your body has been waiting for.