Please note: Per OR state guidelines healthcare providers and patients are still required to mask during treatments. Please see the Oregon State Guidance here.

Home-Based Physical Therapy

Let us bring the clinic to you

There are lots of reasons for choosing on-demand home based care. If the convenience, personalized attention and comfort of being treated at home are appealing then you are in luck. Our expert therapists are looking forward to helping you recover, rehabilitate and perform -on your terms. At our clinics or at your home.

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No matter how you're covered, we have an on-demand solution for you.

Meet our physical therapy experts

Your physical therapy visits will be with the same expert therapist each time. We’ll bring the clinic to you including a folding treatment table, resistance equipment and anything else we might need to ensure your visit is as effective as possible.

Frequently asked questions

When you call to schedule, our team will use your insurance information to verify your benefits. In most cases coverage will be just like seeing us in the clinic.

Some insurance carriers do require one - if that's the case with your insurance, we'll let you know and will help you get one.

Appointments are available 5 days/week and most patients prefer to be seen at home. Appointment times are in the mornings or afternoons at convenient times.

Absolutely! If for scheduling reasons you do need a different therapist, you'll know ahead of time.

Absolutely! We understand the special equipment we have might make seeing us in the clinic the right choice for some of your visits. When that's the case, you'll pay the same insurance-based payments as your home visits minus the travel fee. Our flat fee is the same.

The travel fee covers the therapist's time away from the clinic as well as fuel and vehicle wear and tear costs. We hope you'll agree it's a small price to pay for the convenience and safety of being seen in your home.

Medicare may pay for home-based outpatient physical therapy. Medicare advantage beneficiaries however are not eligible for coverage but can still receive care at home by paying the flat fee rate. In both cases rules and regulations are vague and a signed ABN and a credit card on file will be required in the event of non-coverage by the insurer.

Our amazing team is ready to help you – at our clinic or at home.


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