What to expect at your first Schroth Appointment

So you’ve made your first appointment with Lisa, our Schroth Method expert. What can you expect during your Schroth evaluation?

  1. Discussion of Schroth
  2. Examination
    1. Wear open-backed swimsuit, sports bra, bikini top, camisole or other clothing that fits close to the body and allows you and your therapist to see as much of your spine as possible. Loose fitting and/or athletic bottoms are fine.
    2. Bring your brace, if you have one.
    3. A recent full-spine standing xray is highly recommended for the initial consultation and required for treatment. Talk to your primary care provider if you haven’t had one done.
  3. Treatment planning
    1. Not every kid with scoliosis needs Schroth therapy. We want to make sure you’ll get bang for your buck with this program.
    2. We also want to understand if you and your therapist (and your child, if that’s the patient) all think Schroth is the right approach. Schroth is a team game, and having all the players on board leads to the best possible outcome.

Additionally, you may want to see our general FAQs about your first visit.

Resources for Tweens and Teens with Scoliosis