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Runner on the Alter G Treadmill

Recover As Soon As Physically Possible (ASAPP) with the Focus Physical Therapy AlterG Antigravity Treadmill and schedule a session.

  1. Choose your option – Individual sessions, punchpass or a monthly membership
  2. Schedule your sessions – We will provide a mandatory operations and safety training on your first visit which may take up to 15 minutes and is included in your time for that session. You may book multiple sessions at a time if you wish to secure consistent appointments.
  3. Read about the AlterG and sign the Release of Liability – we’ll email you what you need to know and sign before you use the AlterG for the first time. LOOK FOR THIS ATTACHMENT IN YOUR CONFIRMATION EMAILS and read it carefully.
  4. Come early for your sessions – we require payment at the beginning of your individual session or membership, and it may take you some time to get ready to use the AlterG.
  5. Get started! – We’ll show you how and get you going.
  6. Keep using it! – The AlterG is a revolutionary tool, and you will truly experience the maximum benefit when you use it consistently. This is true of any physical movement modality. To make your committment easier, we’ve made repeat use extremely affordable. See our pricing information below.

AlterG Antigravity Treadmill Pricing

One 60 minute session – $20
Five 60 minute sessions “Punch Pass” – $90 (expires 3-months from purchase, not transferable to others, requires scheduling online for each use)
Performance Monthly Membership – $150 unlimited sessions of up to 60-minutes for four weeks

Current Patient Pricing

If you are a current Focus Physical Therapy patient with at least one scheduled PT visit per week, you qualify for our Active Rehabilitation pricing

Any 60 minute session for $15

Active Patient Membership – $100 unlimited sessions of up to 60-minutes for four weeks

Cancellation Policy

As many athletes and patients utilize the AlterG, we need to maintain very accurate start and stop times and up-to-date availability of this resource. This helps keep the cost of using the machine down for clients and allows for more consistent usage and scheduling. We also understand that situations arise that necessitate a change in your scheduled session. Here is our policy:

Please provide as much notice as possible if you need to change or cancel your scheduled session. Our online scheduler will allow you to make changes to your appointment up to 12 hours before your appointment time. Cancellations of less than 12 hours or no-shows for appointments may result in a full-priced charge (for your scheduled time) or use of a punch on a punchcard. Repeated missed appointments may result in requiring in-person, drop in scheduling only or prohibited use of the AlterG completely. 

We live in the real world too. We will be as generous as able if you must cancel your visit on short notice, but we are also strong advocates for your health, and will gladly hold you accountable and charge you when necessary to encourage you to follow through on your commitment to your health, recovery, rehabilitation and wellness.

Thank you for your interest in the Focus Physical Therapy AlterG! Questions? Contact us for more information.