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Expert care for the neck and back.

Results based care for pain and injuries.

Performance rehab for movements and muscles.

Find a fix or manage a chronic condition.


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A Patient says

The manipulations by the therapist while being treated in the office were quite helpful in providing pain relief. The prescribed therapies for home use have provided significant decreases in back and hip pain. I am very pleased and excited by the dramatic improvement in what has been almost 10 months of chronic low back pain. The diagnosis and treatment plan have provided remarkable results in a short period of time.

My hip is feeling better thanks to Focus

I've been seen about 4 times by Carlee. Great listener and takes the time to figure out the root issues. She is experienced, has great insight and comes up with exercises that are significantly improving what's been a chronic issue for a long tine. And because I'm seeing so much progress I am further motivated to keep up my exercises. Thanks Carlee!