Physical Therapy Redefined
Fast relief and recovery after pain or injury, with one-on-one care by a licensed therapist.
We're a Team Together
As a team we are driven to excel. Let Focus PT put our drive and energy into your recovery.
Working Together, We'll Get You Better.
Your goals combined with our experience and expertise.
We've Got Your Rehabilitation Covered
Using hands-on techniques, customized movement and exercises and the latest rehabilitation technology.
AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill
Return to your activities sooner!

Our Specialties

Expert care for the neck and back.

Results based care for pain and injuries.

Performance rehab for movements and muscles.

Find a fix or manage a chronic condition.


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Focused on the patient...

The therapists are focused on the patient and not "two" timing...not handing off to another person. Personal attention and care made the most impact in my recovery.

A Patient says

I had a total knee replacement in 2008. The pain I have had since that surgery is now gone. I have tried so many therapies and exercises over the years. What they did for me in 8 visits is a miracle for me. I am forever grateful.