Balance, Gait Training & Fall Prevention

Balance, Gait Training & Fall Prevention

If you are worried about falling, or have recently had a fall, our team of specialist physical therapists can help.

Falls and balance disorders have many possible causes and many associated risk factors. The more risk factors there are, the greater the likelihood of a fall, and any fall can be serious and even life-threatening.

Physical therapy helps by providing a highly detailed and specialized screening of the systems of your body that help maintain your balance, gait and prevent falls. Based on your individual needs and goals, physical therapy at Focus Physical Therapy will include a combination of:

  • Balance Training
  • Walking and Moving
  • Doing More Than One Thing at the Same Time—Safely
  • Strength Training
  • Aerobic Training
  • Education
  • Fear Management
  • Community Programs

Our physical therapists are highly trained at diagnosing and treating the physical problems associated with balance and gait disorders, and can make a huge difference in strength, function, independence and quality of life. We offer 100% one-on-one treatments with a specialized physical therapist in our private, comfortable, state of the art clinic at a cost that is comparable or even better than our community’s average, and which is covered by medical insurance.

If you’ve been delaying treatment for a balance or gait disorder, or have already had a fall, trust the experts at Focus Physical Therapy to help guide you back to your strong, independent and confident self. Contact us to learn more about our specialty rehab programs.