• Your goals, our experience and expertise - working together we'll get you better.

  • Fast relief and recovery after pain or injury, one-on-one care by a licensed therapist-this is physical therapy, re-defined.

  • As a team we are driven to excel. Let Focus PT put our drive and energy into your recovery.

  • Using hands-on techniques, customized movement and exercises and the latest rehabilitation technology. We've got your rehabilitation covered.


Boo! 7 Myths about Physical Therapy

Boo! 7 Myths about Physical Therapy

Has your back, knee or (insert body part here) been bugging you but you are too SPOOKED to go to Physical Therapy? Maybe you’re afraid PT will be painful, or your injury isn’t serious enough? Autumn is the perfect time to take care of those nagging aches and pains as you transition to winter sports or just wantContinue Reading

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